MageQuit – Master the Element of Sand

Bowlcut Studios is dusting off their spellbooks to showcase the mighty magic of the Sand element in their wicked wizard brawler MageQuit. Sand, as this overview will show, is a powerful element in the game, letting players alter the flow of time and crush their opponents over and over again! Use this guide to increase your arcane knowledge and draft up a nigh-unbeatable battle plan — and earn a lengthy, luxurious beard courtesy of your defeated foes!

While elements like Fire and Water offer plenty of basic offensive and defensive options, the Sand element elevates players to the next level of battlefield command, allowing them to play with the powers of time itself. Why let opponents sit back calmly and fling fireballs when you can suspend oncoming attackers via puppet strings — or rewind the sands of time to keep them from advancing? Cast Cy-Clone to repeat your previous spell, because two hits are better than one! Get your Muad’Dib on and summon a sandworm to teleport your enemies across the frontlines or simply hurl a shard of glass at their face — there are options galore for an aspiring desert mage. Take back control of the arena and watch as the grains in your enemies’ hourglasses inevitably fall away!

About MageQuit

MageQuit — coming to Xbox One and Windows PC this fall — is an arena brawler that will test your mastery of magical might by dropping you into a deadly battle for life and limb (and facial hair) with up to nine other mages. Featuring online and local multiplayer, this thaumaturgy throw-down hurls players into two- or three-team matches — or a one-wizard-wins-all fight to be the last sorcerer standing — that take place in treacherous arenas. From lava-spewing volcanoes to carnivorous monsters of the sea, the environment will be as big an enemy — or an ally — as the mages themselves. Every kill increases your beard length, and the wizard with the wildest whiskers after nine rounds will win it all! With hundreds of spell combinations that cater to any playstyle, MageQuit is one game YOU SHALL NOT PASS up!