Mantis Burn Racing, December 12th North American release for Switch & PS4

PM Studios and acttil in partnership with the developer VooFoo Studios announced today that the North American retail release of fast-paced bumper-to-bumper racing game, Mantis Burn Racing for December 12 for both Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4.

“Mantis Burn Racing®” is a high-speed, rough and tumble top-town racer which combines physics-based gameplay and a classic arcade racing style to throw you head-first into heart-pounding driving competition. Climb into 5 different vehicle classes and experience an incredible 11-season single-player career mode, featuring over 150 events pulled from over a dozen unique event types. You can also fine-tune your vehicles with a robust, RPG-style upgrade system, and compete in 4-player local splitscreen matches, or online against opponents on a variety of other platforms.

Key Features

Eye-popping top-down racing: You’ll drift, draft, and dodge your way through 12 gorgeous tracks spread across 3 environments, each with its own unique challenges and presentation. The glorious, photo-realistic visuals will make you feel like you’re gripping the wheel yourself as you cross the finish line.

RPG-style Upgrade System: You’ll have the chance to truly make each vehicle your own, adjusting handling and performance via an in-depth slot upgrade system. This will give each player meaningful tactical choices and tons of replay value.

Splitscreen Multiplayer: Get your friends together to compete on a single couch using the local competitive mode, which supports up to 4 players.

Cross-Network Play: Take your skills online in the 8-player competitive mode, which will even let you go up against players on other platforms.