Mekazoo (Video)

Mekazoo Video

Taking inspiration from nostalgic platformers, Mekazoo gives players five Mekanimals to control, juggling the strengths and weaknesses of a mechanized Frog, Armadillo, Wallaby, Panda and Pelican to swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly their way through each level. By swapping between each Mekanimal, players will navigate complicated terrain, face off against an insectoid army, and overcome environmental hazards attempting to restrict their progress.

The co-op multiplayer mode requires dynamic control changes between two players; meaning only one Mekanimal is on-screen at a time. Using this dynamic gameplay element, Mekazoo pushes players to collaborate as a “hive-mind” through precisely-timed character switches to navigate past platforming obstacles and defeat enemies.
Mekazoo offers high replayability with extensive in-game achievements and unlockable challenge modes. Each world is populated with lush environments which utilize a vibrant, neon-infused colour scheme and variations that include lush greenery, frozen landscapes, and molten underground caves. Adding to the visual art of each level is a bumping, jazzy original soundtrack to electrify gameplay which introduces a unique auditory experience to every world.