MMA Executive, Mixed Martial Arts sports management sim – August 26th

Vectormatrix Limited officially announced the upcoming release of MMA Executive to the Steam gaming platform scheduled for a 26th August 2019 release and available for digital download on Windows 7 and up. MMA Executive is a Mixed Martial Arts sports management game with instructional elements for gamers across the world to enjoy and learn from:

“There’s so much to this game that it’s hard to pigeon-hole it,” comments Vectormatrix Limited Director Richard Matzko. “From one perspective it’s like a social sim game, interacting close up with characters, managing and developing them. From another it’s a sports business tycoon game, and yet another it’s a martial arts simulator and instructional! I suppose that captures the diversity and complexity of the Mixed Martial Arts world! A sports universe we tried to intricately reproduce, whether in the detailed fighter and trainer properties, the finely-tuned fight engine, the dynamic judging system or the Hall of Fame and ranking systems! And whether or not you’re already involved in martial arts, check out the unlockable technique archive! You’re bound to find something of interest amongst over 60 annotated instructional animations! You’ll have to earn some millions as an entrepreneur before you unlock that prize though!”

Let the dojo come to your Windows computer! Oversee it all and become the leading MMA Executive in the world. See more details and wish-list MMA Executive at