Morels: The Hunt, a game about mushroom hunting is on Windows

Abrams Studios announced that Morels: The Hunt is out on Windows PC (Steam). Morels: The Hunt is an immersive gaming experience about mushroom hunting and photography while being surrounded in a beautiful, interactive nature and wildlife setting spanning across the United States.


Find as many morel mushrooms as you can while capturing photos of wildlife that you encounter all while enjoying the sounds and experiences of nature surrounding you. Starting in the southeast region of the United States, you will get 100 days per season as you unlock new regions along your journey and discover hunting secrets along with a few surprises!


•    Enjoy a new experience each season you play. New mushroom locations, animal activity, weather, and more.

•    Experience realistic weather forecasted before each level that can change every day. You can even hunt at night if you’re brave enough!

•    Gain access to new hunter levels as you become a master hunter and survivalist!

•    Earn points from finding mushrooms and photographing wildlife to buy valuable items in The Shop like bugspray to prevent ticks, first aid kits, raincoats to help preserve energy on rainy days, a headlamp for night hunting, upgraded camera and even an ATV to drive around!

•    Take on weekly tasks including finding a certain number of mushrooms or photographing specific animals to get extra points.

•    7 unique maps across the Unites States with exciting terrain and surprises!

•    Find and learn about other edible mushrooms. Watch out for the poisonous ones!

•    View all your photos in your photo book. They are also saved to your PC to view anytime!

•    Learn tips and tricks inside your Hunter’s Manual to help you throughout the season. Unlock new pages by moving up in hunter levels!
•    Exploration Mode: Experience a whole new adventure after completing your first season. Play as an animal! You will also be rewarded a point handicap and unlock all regions starting on day 1! Unlock new animals and have fun exploring, although this mode does not count towards achievements or records.
•    Customize the game to your interests by choosing from a broad list of different music or just enjoy the calming sounds of nature.