Mortal Online, “Massive” update, has a new starting zone

 Star Vault´s MMORPG Mortal Online introduces the brand new starter island Haven.

New patch brings a brand new safer separate starting area and improved tutorial for new players.

Haven is a new starting area in Mortal Online that hopes to ease new players into the game in a smoother, safer and more fun way.

The first character made on an account will start in this new zone. On Haven players can start their journey guided by several NPCs that teach the new players much more about the different systems that make up our sandbox mmorpg than our old tutorial.

Players are protected from full PvP by having a fledgling (yellow) flag for as long as they want. This flag is removed once the player leaves Haven and once you leave Haven you can not come back. The banks in Haven are connected to the banks in Tindrem so players may bring things from Haven to Myrland simply by adding it to a bank and then picking it up in Tindrem.

Furthermore we added a guild recruiting system that makes it easier for guilds to get in contact with new players. New players that join a guild will often have a much easier time in the game as they can be guided and supported by veteran players.

Every player that leaves Haven also get a chance to re-roll their character. Often new players start off by making one character and then get told that they need to change their build by veterans. This way they can do just that without having to remake their character.


  • Brand new separate start island for new players.
  • Tons of new NPCs to guide new players.
  • New guild recruit system to make it easier for new players to contact guilds
  • Update city graphics
  • Skill balance to lessen grind for new players

Full developer update and patch notes:


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