Mournful Sword, a 2D Action Platformer Available October 22, 2019

Mournful Sword, a 2D Action Platformer developed by Duncan Keller, announced an October 22, 2019 release on Steam (Windows PC) with a debut trailer. Mournful Sword is a 2D Platformer inspired by classic games like Shinobi and Strider, with simple but challenging combat that requires precision timing and careful planning. Mournful Sword is a story of desperation and the uncomfortable tension between ambition and the violence it inspires.

I started Mournful Sword in 2016 when I was between jobs, and it feels great to be so close to releasing it. I wanted to make a game that was difficult in a particular way, focusing less on individual challenges and more on endurance and thoughtful movement through levels. Instead of frequent checkpoints, you have to make it through large areas to save, reminiscent of Castlevania and Megaman on the NES. I find the perseverance required to overcome these challenges to be a beautiful thing, and so I made a game to capture that struggle.

The game is about Rhen, who travels into the woods to find her Brother, and the personal trials she has to overcome to reclaim what is so special to her. My goal with the game was to make it as simple as possible while retaining a depth and complexity that will force players to learn the best ways to surpass challenges, and be discerning about when and how they approach combat. Rhen’s journey reflects some of my own anxieties, the frustrations of loss, and feelings of trying to move forward in the face of hopelessness.

It’s been a long road to get here, and I am so happy to see it almost out!