Must Dash Amigos, Battle racer on Xbox

miniBeast Games’ debut title Must Dash Amigos launched on Xbox One. The battle racer is a true pick-up-and-play experience awash with Mexican inspired themes that create a wonderfully vibrant world.

“ I am so excited to finally be releasing Must Dash Amigos on Xbox. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet! The feeling of releasing a game we’ve made on a console I have played for years is pretty surreal ” – Anthony Brunton-Douglas, miniBeast Games

Waving the flag for local multiplayer gaming, playing with others is where the title really shines. Its simple controls and mechanics coupled with cartoon-like aesthetics make it a great option for gaming families too. There are several game modes with varying mechanics, but the heart and soul of the title is Race Mode where players must outlast their opponents amidst explosions, piñata stampedes, and all-round chaos. Being a battle-racer, weapons are of course on offer and there is a good mix to aid your pursuit of victory. Some have a subtle effect on proceedings, such as your typical speed boosts, whilst others can turn the tides much more dramatically, like the InvinciBull mount or the Gwack-a-Mole Mallet! Those that can’t keep up or perish in some way are eliminated from the current round, with the last amigo standing claiming a round-victory, enough of which results in them being crowned as the overall champion.

“There is still something magical about playing games together in the same room, so that is something we wanted to encourage with this title. I’m so proud of the game and what we’ve managed to achieve, it really is an amazing feeling to be launching it on Xbox” – Ben Lowther, miniBeast Games

The two-man team consists of one former Jagex Employee, Ben Lowther, and Anthony Brunton-Douglas who is still working full-time for the large Cambridge based Studio. The pair, who met in 2011 whilst working on RuneScape, both began as Quality Analysts with Ant progressing into a 3D Artist role and Ben going on to become an Associate Producer. Must Dash Amigos all started following a Jagex Game Jam back in 2015, the four day jam resulted in a tiny but charming prototype. With the blessing of Jagex the pair continued to evolve the title in their spare time, with Ben taking the plunge to become a full-time Indie Dev in January this year.

I can’t wait to see people playing the game we have put so much of our lives into. Plus, I can finally turn my friends and family into Avocados – what a momentous day! – Anthony Brunton-Douglas, miniBeast Games

Must Dash Amigos is out on Xbox One.