Nioh – DLC 3: Bloodshed’s End – PS4 Video

Nioh – DLC 3: Bloodshed’s End – PS4 Video

The Siege of Osaka is over. The bloody Sengoku period is nearing its end… and so too is William’s adventure.

In this final story expansion for Nioh – return to Japan months after the events of “Defiant Honor” as the country teeters on the verge of war. With new allies at his side, William must face-off against the last remaining anti-shogunate forces led by Yodogimi, as she prepares for battle against Tokugawa himself.
Conquer new missions, wield powerful weapons and gear, master two Guardian Spirits – including the mythical Nine-Tailed Fox, and end the bloodshed once and for all.

Finally, veteran samurai are invited to The Abyss; a perpetual battleground of the underworld from which only the strongest of warriors can hope to emerge.

This add-on is also included as part of the Nioh Season Pass, alongside the “Dragon of the North” and “Defiant Honor” expansion packs.

• To use this add-on you need Nioh.