Nonograms Prophecy, solve tricky puzzles to reveal a secret picture

Put your logic and reasoning skills to the ultimate test with a challenge from the Gods of the Pantheon! Zeus’s challenge will delight puzzle veterans and newcomers alike! Each image is handcrafted, and designed to be solved entirely with logic and reasoning.

Nonograms Prophecy is designed for a single player to attempt the challenge, the goal is to solve tricky puzzles in order to reveal a secret picture. Nonograms Prophecy offers an interactive tutorial to introduce the rules and give hints for beginners. Experienced players will enjoy huge and challenging puzzles in various sizes ranging from 5×5 to 20×20. Play color puzzles to reveal more sophisticated pictures. Improve your skills by setting new personal records.

Over 380 puzzles to solve!
Unique, Ancient Greece design!
3 game modes: Classic, Color, Big Picture!
Interactive tutorial to help beginners!
Advanced puzzles for experts!
All the puzzles approved by Zeus!

Nonograms Prophecy is available digitally via the Nintendo Switch eShop.