Orange Cast, video shows progress developing action/RPG game

Team Rez LLC presents the new Orange Cast trailer. This video reflects progress being made developing the game.

Take control of Hi-Unit – a professional soldier in a new military suit. Using the latest technology, fool your enemies (for example, distract them with your digital copy) or strengthen yourself right on the battlefield.

– Get ready to see wonderful locations filled with a variety of surroundings and anomalies.

– Use only brutal weapons to fight the enemy: from a flamethrower to an explosive energy crossbow and rock’n’roll ax! Or maybe you want an attractive grenade or energy blade? Take, we do not mind!

– You love when everything is natural? Our game complies with most modern graphics standards, notably standing out among other indie projects

– Feel the fullness of the foolishness or wit of developers with the help of a huge number of references from the creations of Western and Eastern culture!

– Face the aggressive flora and fauna: you explore worlds whose nature can be clearly unfriendly to humanity.

– You get rewarded for exploring the world! Get unique equipment, complete various tasks and discover more stories from this universe!

– By the way. – The story of the game got inspired by popular science fiction of the last time and is backed up with a strong intrigue.

About Orange Cast:

Orange Cast is a third-person Action/RPG game for the Windows PC. Challenge secret enemy who hides his presence in the darkness of this universe. Dive into the unique for every ingame planet atmosphere and history. Explore these worlds, fight for them and for your own survival!

In alternative universe humanity has mastered the galaxy and is in decline and is out of resources.

Many of colonies are abandoned or devastated and central systems can’t significantly affect to this situation. In this difficult time, at the edge of the discovered universe, we lost contact to entire group of colonies. On various planets many disfigured and lost mind people with unknown weapon were found. In the middle of this accident an elite humanity warrior has appeared, who has to deal with those events.