Overdungeon, rogue-like dungeon crawler on Windows & Mac

After a crowded showing at Gamescom and leaving early access with a very positive review score from Steam users, Leiting Games announced the full version of Overdungeon is available on Steam (Windows & Mac). Overdungeon blends the replayability of a rogue-like dungeon crawler with the frenzied fights from real-time strategy games, and the tension of epic card battles into a brand-new gameplay experience.

You start Overdungeon by picking a hero. Will you venture into a procedurally generated dungeon as a forgetful soldier, a vampire embarrassed about her sultry costume, or Schrödinger’s cat? Then, pick your path as you use your wit to battle wolves and wizards with a deck of cards. Overdungeon’s unique card battles lets players cast spells to directly attack enemies or summon creatures to overwhelm foes in battle. Place lions, elephants, and alpacas on the board to create an unbeatable animal army!

Led by Takuro Mizobe, a former software developer at Nintendo, the seven-person squad at Pocket Pair, Inc. has been committed to updating Overdungeon during early access. In addition to the Deep Forest Dungeon, Overdungeon will also include a seasonal dungeon mode and daily challenges at launch. Join our Discord for more information about Overdungeon or to talk with the development team.


  • Real-time, deck battling strategy – Set up spell card combos and spawn a pack of polar bears to dominate monsters you meet in the dungeon. Card battles have never been this exciting to play or watch.
  • A new dungeon to explore, every time – With procedurally generated dungeons, thousands of relic and card combinations, and multiple modes Overdungeon is overloaded with content.
  • Built for dungeon beginners and masters – Designed to be easy to play and hard to master, Overdungeon is equipped with multiple difficulty modes and tutorials for all skill levels.
  • Did we mention alpacas – The playful team at Pocket Pair, Inc. loaded decks with mortars and lighting spells plus an assortment of animals. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a frightening magus down with a stampede of cats and chickens.