Pirates of First Star, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch spring release

Dynamic Voltage Games announced “Pirates of First Star” for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles for a 2019 spring release. The new game (from the creator of the First Star Online series and Mario Paint Composer) is an adventure game that uses a combination of photographed claymation and real time 3D to achieve a unique art style in a 90’s game design style.

Something has kept the king alive for 300 years. As he watches everyone he loves (and loathes) dies, he decides he has finally had enough. He’s leaving the shores of Sonata for good, but only when a suitable heir has been found. Since it’s “not his problem anymore”, he decides the best way to find a successor is to hold a competition to relinquish leadership to the best “First Star” player.

First Star is an ancient game played by pirates to pass the time (and the scurvy…and the plague.). You take on the role of Zach, the only person in town that seems to realize how ridiculous this plot is.

Pirates of First Star tasks you with challenging pirates to duels in order to improve your position in the standings until you can challenge for the throne. You’ll drop blocks in order to match them and then use a star power to destroy all clusters and damage your opponent. As you level up and earn gold you’ll increase your health as well as several skills. There are also shops where you can buy peculiar items which may or may not seem to have obvious uses at first.

Pirates of First Star is a game of discovery. It doesn’t hold your hand. There’s no map and there are little instructions given. It takes its cues from adventure games of the 80’s and 90’s.

The game will release first on the Xbox One and then, shortly after that, on Nintendo Switch. Steam and PS4 versions are possible down the road.