Portal Dogs, Puzzle Platformer on Switch, Windows and Android

Independent development studio Brain Connected released their puzzle platformer Portal Dogs on Nintendo Switch, Steam (Windows) and Android.
In the puzzle platformer Portal Dogs a horde of dogs are following its king through the portal world. The catch: you play with all dogs simultaneously. As king of the dogs your mission is to find all your loyal subjects and get them safely to the portal. The second you wake up another dog, he will simultaneously follow your movements. You succeed by finding your way to the portal. You are mastering the mission if you save all your loyal subjects, find the golden bone and get to the portal.
“Portal Dogs features hand-drawn animations and a map editor so you can build your own levels”, says Kolja Lubitz, CEO at Brain Connected. “In addition, it contains many challenges that will keep you stuck to it until your paws are all green or you have all golden bones”.

  • Side-scrolling puzzle platformer.
  • Find all the dogs and guide them to the portal as you control them simultaneously.
  • Discover the golden bone in each stage.
  • Featuring hand-drawn animations.
  • Including a map editor so you can build your own levels.