Protocore, “The FPS of the future”

Imagine, a 1-4 player co-op fast person shooter where you have to face an adaptive artificial intelligence that is learning from your actions.

PROTOCORE, when Doom meets Machine Learning.

1-4 player first person shooter developed by a French indie studio, IUMTEC.

In the future fight a merciless artificial intelligence in a gigantic spaceship by shooting your way through hordes of deadly robots!

Think fast! PROTOCORE is playing with you. It learns and adapts from your play style in the most hardcore way.

Encounter brutal enemies and daunting bosses! Use big guns, explosives, hacking and much more to protect your soul! Die & retry with many different combinations! Make a name by scoring the highest!

Don’t wait to be minded-out by your Nemesis, FACE THE MACHINE NOW!

Adaptive AI – Be smart! The AI controls difficulty by changing the rules according to your actions! Die and retry – Face deadly adversity with specific patterns that will require more than one attempt to overcome!

Speedrun – Surpass yourself and others by scoring the highest while clock is ticking!

Solo & Co-op – Play with up to 3 friends if you can’t dig it alone!

Moddable – Create your own experience! PROTOCORE has been developed with modding in mind.

The next step of the FPS is PROTOCORE

Are you ready to challenge the future? Protocore will be available for the Windows PC in 2019.