Pure Farming 2018 is out

To all farmers-at-heart: Pure Farming 2018, a new farming game from Techland Publishing and developer Ice Flames, has just hit stores worldwide, and also revealed extensive plans for post-launch content, heavily influenced by community feedback.

What makes a great farm? Today Pure Farming 2018 answers the question:  You do.

After inheriting an in-game farm, you buy the best machines and work hard from dawn to dusk, selling crops, invest in new technologies, while making your farm the most efficient one in the state. And then you go global!

“We listened closely to the farm simulator community, so we understand their expectations. That’s why we’re bringing a fleet of fully licensed machines from such industry leaders as Zetor, JCB, Great Plains, and many others. We’ve designed unique farms located in the USA, Japan, Italy, Colombia and Germany, and introduced various crops specific for these regions,” said Lukasz Abramczuk, Producer at Techland Publishing. “Thanks to three distinct game modes, we believe we’ve created a game that is very accessible to newcomers and at the same time satisfying for harcdore gamers who know their way around a virtual farm”

Techland Publishing and Ice Flames are planning extensive post-launch support for Pure Farming 2018, with both free and paid content. Detailed schedule will be shared soon.

In the meantime, here’s a top-level look at the upcoming support:

  • At least 7 DLCs with new models, machines, and other surprises within 6 months;
  • General game improvements based on players’ feedback from launch;
  • At least 3 updates to modding tools within 3 months;
  • Support for steering wheels and peripherals, and more within 3 months;
  • Regularly selected PC mods added as free DLC for consoles.

Pure Farming 2018 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who pre-ordered the game, will get the Germany map DLC free.