Radio Commander, Explained in Less Than 2 Minutes Trailer

Serious Sim, announced that Radio Commander will be released on October 10th on Windows PC (Steam).

‘We are very happy that Radio Commander will soon reach the players, especially since their opinions and comments were valuable at the every stage of development’, says Jakub Bukała, game designer. ‘We hope that they will like the way we decided to present the Vietnam War ‒ especially since no other game has done that’.

Radio Commander is a strategy game unlike anything seen before. Instead of marking units and building structures – giving orders by radio and sending helicopters to pick up wounded soldiers. Instead of massive attacks on the enemies – scouring the terrain step by step, updating the tactical map and lurking in the jungle. Radio commanding units during the Vietnam conflict is the essence of the debut game from the indie studio Serious Sim.

More about Radio Commander

Missions are preceded by a film introduction, and during the tasks we get to know the members of our team better. Player will often face difficult decisions, on which the future will depend. He will decide the fate of his soldiers and how important a human life is. Troops are not just pawns moving on the map. They are complicated, multi-layered human beings, center of hundred of original dialogues and scenarios to discover. And it will take more than one approach to know them all.

While following the story is important, the player still has a job to do. As the commander, he operates from his tent, using only a radio and a map. He listens to the reports and shots calls. Just like radio commanders used to do back in the days.

Player will take under his command units of infantry, air cavalry, field artillery or air support. While player must rely on reports, there is a hidden, deep and complex simulation taking place in a background, with each unit described by a set of statistics, such as morale or stamina. And it all matters on the battlefield.

Radio Commander features:

  • 9 campaign missions – each mission can be completed in many different ways

  • 15 unit types, including: infantry, evac choppers, gunships, field artillery, aerial reconnaissance, armored personnel carriers M113 and napalm-carrying F4 Phantom jets. Each unit is described by a unique set of statistics and communicates with commander using a different voice

  • Full voice-over

  • Over 200 dialogue blocks used to construct radio messages

  • Over 600 story dialogues between units and the commander

  • Voice recognition – player can use his voice to command the units

Radio Commander will include all the features unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, such as:

  • 3 difficulty presets – Story Mode (Easy), Commander Mode, Veteran Mode (hard) and various difficulty settings. Player can change the options to customize his experience

  • Replay Mode – after the mission is finished, player can see the recording of his struggle with all the unit visible

  • Custom Missions Editor and Sandbox Mode – players can make their own scenarios, share them and test everything they came up with.

Radio Commander will be released on October 10th 2019 on Windows PC.