Ratropolis, real-time deck building card defense game on Steam

Cassel Games made its debut on Steam with their first game ‘Ratropolis’ on Steam Early Access (Windows, Mac).

In ‘Ratropolis’ players are given cards to defend the city of rats. The game mashed up a defense concept with an idea of “Deck Building.” Popular examples of deck building are <Slay the Spire>, <HearthStone>. Moreover, the unique feature is that it proceeds in real time rather than in turn, requiring the player’s control and quick judgment.

It’s up to Players to protect and grow Ratropolis using the initial set of cards. As game progresses, choices are given to players from which cards are to be added to your deck to the political decision of the city that will alter the future course of the story. Be wary of considerate decision making, it is easy to lose track of the time.

Lead Developer Cassel said, “I thank all supporters and players. I wouldn’t be launching the game if it wasn’t for them. During the early access period, we plan to improve the level of completion by communicating with the users, adjusting the balance, and continuing to add new contents. Hang in there gamers, we will be approaching to you guys with full of new and fun contents.”