Riders of Asgard, challenging Viking BMX game (Video)

Riders of Asgard, challenging Viking BMX game Video

Riders of Asgard is a fun and challenging Viking BMX game. Unlock new maps and items to upgrade your bike and rider, and access previously unreachable places. Riders of Asgard features a full single player campaign as well as local multiplayer to take on your friends!

Riders of Asgard is much more than your average run-of-the-mill, Viking BMX game. It’s a historically correct Viking BMX game, with historically accurate Viking bikes and locations.

Choose Your Path – Play the level as you see fit and choose your own path to pull off the best tricks and unlock the special bar.

Choose Your Style – Use the gold you earn while playing the game to upgrade your bike and viking.

Choose Your Tricks – While you play, choose your trick-set and use those tricks to earn more points and climb the leader board.

Choose Your Opponents – Take on the world by competing on the various leader boards, or out trick a friend in Local Multiplayer.

Choose Your Control – The game has full controller support, and features various Assists you can enable or disable at any time. A controller is recommended but keyboards are also supported.