Road to Guangdong, Narrative driving adventure gets Guu Ma update

Road to Guangdong, the narrative driving adventure game, continues its journey throughout Steam Early Access (Windows PC), with a brand new update.

This major content update ensures that Guu Ma, player character Sunny’s Aunt, is truly along for the ride. She’s now present in the car when you’re driving through Guangdong, China, and will offer advice, random nuggets of wisdom, anecdotes, share her opinions on music and may even occasionally fall asleep.

We are hard at work on upcoming updates, including more open and natural road-to-gas-stop transitions as well as, of course, Chapter 2 of Sunny and Guu Ma’s 3 part story.

The game is scheduled to release on Xbox One in early 2020.

About Road to Guangdong
Sunny’s life is at a crossroads. She knows everything’s about to change. She just doesn’t know how yet. She glances again at the contract. The good news is she’s now the proud owner of her family‘s cherished restaurant. The bad news? It’s seen better days.
A tap at the door announces the arrival of her aunt, Guu Ma.

Yep, everything’s about to change alright. But the “how” part will be decided by a bunch of strangers she’s only seen in faded photographs.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery
On a mission to revive their struggling family restaurant, Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in search of secrets that will bring diners flooding back. But it won’t be easy. The long trip with her ageing aunt will truly test their relationship as cultural differences bubble to the surface. Only by making tough choices along the way will Sunny discover what fate has in store for her.

Keep Your Car on the Road
A treasured part of her family for longer than Sunny can remember, Sandy has carried her loved ones through many a crisis. But her beloved car is falling apart and she’ll need a helping hand to respond to this latest emergency. Only careful driving and regular checks under the bonnet will enable her to carry Sunny to the climax of her quest.


  • Penned by author Yen Ooi, this captivating coming-of-age tale is set against the evocative backdrop of 90s China
  • Play your part in a touching interactive story where your decisions decide Sunny’s fate
  • Explore the sights and sounds of Guangdong through vibrant animations and a memorable soundtrack
  • Fall in love with a colourful cast of characters, each with unique personalities and rich backstories
  • Maintain your car by keeping tabs on fuel consumption, tyre wear and engine condition
  • Keep the mechanics away by topping up oil and fuel levels and repairing and replacing worn out parts