Robo Instructus, Atmospheric programming puzzler on Windows/Linux

Big AB Games’ atmospheric programming puzzler, Robo Instrctus, launched on Steam and with a brand new trailer showcasing the artful aesthetic and a compelling sci-fi story you’ll be able to explore.

Alongside the launch comes a free demo available through both Steam and, giving players a chance to dip their toes into the rich world and story, as well as its code-centric challenges.

In Robo Instructus, players will discover a hidden language and explore the spirit of creativity – learning to program a salvage robot on a forgotten alien world. As players unravel the robot’s functionality, they will learn new programming commands, allowing them to remotely manipulate the robot through a range of hostile and dangerous environments, uncovering an intricate web of sci-fi storytelling along the way.

As your code becomes more efficient, so too will your strategic options – opening up a multitude of ways to overcome each challenge and delve deeper into the game’s intricate world.

Presenting an in-game scripting language, based on existing programming languages, Robo Instructus is designed to provide a fascinating, explorative challenge to coders and non-coders alike. The game, much like the story, is a puzzle that players must unravel as they progress.

Solo developer Alex Butler said: “Each puzzle in Robo Instructus asks you to not only get your robot somewhere, but to properly articulate every step in how it gets there. Succeed and you can embrace a sort of narrative archaeology as you uncover the game’s secrets.”

He added: “I’ve been developing Robo Instructus for two years, the last three months in a beta phase where the game has been polished and improved thanks to the feedback of around 3,000 beta players. So now I’m very excited to see Robo Instructus releasing, and I look forward to the game finding its audience out in the PC gaming wilds.”

Robo Instructus launched on Windows PC and Linux via Steam and, alongside a free playable demo.

About Robo Instructus

Salvage Engineer, you have a new assignment on a distant world…

Robo Instructus is a puzzle game in which players manoeuvre a robot by issuing instructions via a simple programming language.

As players progress through the game they unlock new functions to overcome new puzzles, each of which can be solved in multiple ways. The more you master the robot, the more elegant and powerful your solutions will be.

Take the role of a Salvage Engineer sent across space. Use wits and tenacity to uncover the secrets of this isolated, frozen world.