Set Sail for Adventure in Battleship Bishojo (Video)

Set Sail for Adventure in Battleship Bishojo Video

Captain Katsu wants YOU for the Battleship Bishojo! This seafaring, choice-driven visual novel sees players take on the role of a US Navy sailor as they travel the oceans with the no-nonsense Katsu and her crew in search of legendary beast girls. Dozens of choices await, leading to multiple unlockable scenes – including romance routes if your sailing goes smoothly enough!

But not everything is as it seems! Players will unravel the secrets of the Battleship Bishojo and the strange dimension it sails in, as well as the often bitter pasts of its crew, from Sophie, the sweet-natured sailor, to Miyoko, the naughty nurse, and Olivia, the ship’s tomboy engineer.

With plenty of humour, ecchi fanservice, suspense and swashbuckling action – as well as an array of outlandish monster girls – the Battleship Bishojo is ready to embark on a truly grand adventure over the ocean!