Shadows of Tomorrow: The Secret Files, Watergate-based stealth game

In 2019, on August 8, it was celebrated the 45th anniversary of the resignation of US President Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal. And this event was what inspired the first missions of Shadows of Tomorrow: The Secret Files, developed by ST Studios. Relive the robbery that took place in 1972 at  the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Hotel.

Shadows of Tomorrow is a stealth game within edutainment genre, an interactive experience that aims to teach some educational aspects through videogames. In this case, the goal is to venture the player into several 20th  century scenarios that were considered crucial to the unfolding of the contemporary geopolitical panel. Or in other words, events that cast shadows over tomorrow, that still makes themselves felt today.

In the first mission, the player takes on the role a burglar during the 1972 Watergate Hotel event. He will have to bugg devices, steal documents and acquire artifacts of that time period. Subsequent missions will take the player to Iran in 1980 to participate in the rescue of US embassy personnel in Tehran, followed by a 1986 mission in Ukraine to revive the Chernobyl incident, and later in 1989 to participate in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Other missions will continue to lead the player into exploration, but they are still underdevelopment.

Shadow of Tomorrow main features:

. Edutainment: reliving key points in our history.
. Stealth game: always in the shadows operating in various geopolitical scenarios.
. Nonviolent: The game has no clashes, the gameplay goal is to explore the various scenarios.
. Educational: At the end of each mission, it will be explained how that particular event was important to the world and how it is still reflected today.

Shadow of Tomorrow: The Secret Files is currently under development for Windows PC and PS4 and has no official release date.