Skyling: Garden Defense, arcade maze game (Video)

Skyling: Garden Defense, arcade maze game Video

In Skyling: Garden Defense, players help a young girl named Bloom restore the elevated gardens of Skyling back into a lush utopia. Adorable blight monsters have ruined the land, and it’s up to Bloom to touch every square of the garden mazes and bring them back to life. Be careful, the monsters are still roaming around waiting to snatch young Bloom. Players must use their wits and utilize switches, gates and elevators to avoid capture. Sleepy garden cats also call these gardens home. Cats can be picked up and moved to hold down switches or block a monsters path. They don’t mind, they’ll sleep anywhere.

Skyling: Garden Defense is a unique take on some proven classic arcade mechanics. Borrowing intuitive, familiar game play from some of the best arcade classics of the 80’s helps make Skyling: Garden Defense easy to play, but difficult to master.