Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, VR card-battler to get an Oculus Quest version

Vertigo Games and Vive Studios have announced that they are bringing the action-packed, real-time VR card-battler Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl to the Oculus Quest on September 5th, 2019. Adding this VR headset will expand the already wide-ranging cross platform support for HTC Vive (Pro), Vive Focus (+), Oculus Rift (S) and Windows Mixed Reality. September 5th also marks the release of the first DLC Fresh Meat, coming to Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl entirely for free on all platforms.

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl has set out to truly unite the VR community, allowing friends and foes to challenge each other in battle despite their different VR headsets. The game offers a unique VR experience across PC VR and standalone VR hardware in an unrivaled cross-platform experience. “We’re excited about the possibilities that the Oculus Quest has to offer,” says Richard Stitselaar, “Having no wires and being easily portable makes the Quest VR headset a great match for the quick and fast-paced battles of Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl.

In addition to the new platform support, Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl will also see its first game expansion with the free DLC Fresh Meat. Adding five all-new maps for players to destroy their friends on and eight new units that introduce new tactics to the game such as the ability to heal units or to slow down the enemy by freezing them. Fresh Meat DLC is coming to the PvP VR war-game entirely for free on September 5th, 2019.

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl is already available with cross-platform support on HTC Vive (Pro), Vive Focus (+), Oculus Rift (S) and Windows Mixed Reality since its original launch in April 2nd, 2019. Oculus Quest support and the free DLC Fresh Meat are coming on September 5th, 2019.