Songbird Symphony on Switch, PS4 and Windows PC

PQube and developer Joysteak Studios released Songbird Symphony for Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4 and Windows & Mac/Steam. Curious canaries can also familiarize themselves with the game through a demo available for all platforms.

The musical platformer featuring adorable Birb and his journey to find out about his heritage will surely move your feet, your head – and your heart.
♪ Engage in challenging rhythm battles to find clues on your heritage
♪ Platforming with a twist: move the environment by pressing buttons in sync with the catchy background beats
♪ Find and solve mini-puzzles to add sound queues to the background music
♪ Collect feathers to learn more about their quirky owners

♪ Explore interconnected levels with lots of secret passages

♫ Story ♫

Songbird Symphony is a musical adventure that tells the heartfelt story of Birb, a small orphaned bird that one day wakes up in a strange forest and is picked up by the slightly hyperactive but caring Uncle Peacock. The other birds reject the chick for looking different, which doesn’t keep little Birb down and he embarks on an adventure to find out about his heritage.