Super Buckyball Tournament, Pre-alpha gameplay video

Pathea Games has revealed a full-match gameplay footage for their upcoming multiplayer sports title Super Buckyball Tournament. The game will launch the first alpha test in August and hit Early Access on Steam (Windows) in late 2019.

Super Buckyball Tournament is a third-person multiplayer sports game. It differentiates from other sports games by offering full physics-based ball movement and passing. The game takes place in a cyberpunk world where players get to pick one of many dynamic characters while making good use of their abilities and in-game items in 3v3 online matchups. Players will have to work with each other to create opportunities to score and the prevent the opposition from scoring.

The alpha gameplay consists of three playable characters which are Pai, Pink and R47. Each hero has a unique power to pass, score, or attack the opposing team’s players. Pathea Games aims to have at least eight characters and three stadiums when the game hits Steam Early Access.