Tempest Citadel, strategy game available April 17, 2018 for Windows PC

Indie game developer Aartform Games announced April 17, 2018as the official release of Tempest Citadel, an immersive strategy game set on a storm-ruled planet in which sci-fi and fantasy collide. Brought to you by the same team that produced Spice Road and Curvy 3D, Tempest Citadel challenges you to play the role of an enigmatic Captain from Terra, whose past and present are unknown. Get ready to embark on a dangerous mission to explore a deadly world that promises wondrous and terrible power.

Tempest Citadel is a team manager game that puts you in command of a company of explorers marooned on a planet ravaged by endless storms. Your objective is to build a city in the clouds, module by module, and command 100 unique crew members into action, be they Soldiers, Scavengers, Workers, Researchers, or Medical Experts. You pick their role, their training and their equipment. To succeed, you must explore the surface and scan and select appropriate sites to send expeditions to, using any intel you can find to pick the best squad for the terrain, weather, and opposing forces. Preparation is vital; once your squad lands, the battle plays out automatically.

But you are not alone…

Tempest Citadel has armies of ruthless enemies hiding within the clouds, hungry for the blood of the weak and the foolish. Can you build, grow, and risk enough to stand against your enemies? From gene-spliced psychics to cyborg dark-mages, other factions have claimed the ancient sites which hold the technological marvels you seek!

Your progress on the planet is beaten back by 5 enemy factions, each with their own troops, tech specialties, strengths, weaknesses, and storylines. Overcoming them is no easy feat. With a full array of Sci-Fi weapons, armor, and augmentations, you can make anything from Bio-Enhanced Super Soldiers, to Exosuit-Wearing Assault Troopers, or even Psychic Stormweavers. Ultimately, choosing the right tool for the job is essential to victory. Successful missions can yield research data, such as blueprints and schematics, as well as scrap and tech items. Back at the city, these are vital to unlocking the 200+ node research trees, and constructing 170+ modules, items, and weapons.

Tempest Citadel offers an action-packed strategy game that infuses RTS with high-level, long-term tactical play, and features a lavish sci-fi plot with a bold cast of characters. Key features include a 10-hour single-player campaign, in addition to 4 difficulty modes allowing players of all experience levels to enjoy the challenge.

Tempest Citadel will be available for the Windows PC on April 17, 2018.