TERA, “Skywatch: Antiquities” Update For Windows PC

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today released the “Skywatch: Antiquities” update for TERA, their flagship True Action Combat MMORPG on PC. The latest free update to the popular MMORPG focuses on streamlining the leveling experience and kicks off a month-long Gold Digger event, rewarding players who earn relic fragments in the newly updated solo dungeons.

New characters in TERA will enjoy a more streamlined leveling experience with today’s update, improving leveling speeds and routes and providing players with more content options. Story quests through level 65 have received updates that provide a quicker, more straightforward path to end-game content while still taking players on a tour of the gorgeous, diverse landscapes. TERA also expands the dungeon options for players as they level, with the introduction of a solo mode for quest activities in many classic dungeons as well as the 3-person mode currently available.

Supporting these new solo dungeons is a month-long Gold Digger event designed for treasure hunters and dungeon runners. Deep within the newly updated solo dungeons, beyond the deadly bosses, lie unique relic fragments. These relic fragments can be earned by completing these updated solo dungeons, with a full list of where they can be acquired provided in the TERA forums. Dedicated dungeon raiders who earn all eight hidden fragments will earn the exclusive “Gold Digger” title and a golden Gold Digger’s Dragon Helm.