The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare, available on Steam

Gamera Interactive, in association with 68k Studios, announced that The 7 th Circle – Endless Nightmare is available on Steam (Windows & Linux) through ReLaunch publishing program. Endless Nightmare adds new levels, contents, hours of gameplay and a new difficulty level along with tech improvements and fixes following the original release. The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare is a First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG for hardcore gamers, inspired by classic games from the ‘90s. The game has a dark and creepy tone, featuring violence and gore in a journey into your subconscious. Each character represents a different personality sharing the same goal: discover the truth hidden in the darkest part of your mind and free it from its demons. Players that already bought The 7th Circle will receive Endless Nightmare for free.


  • Create your character customizing attributes, skills, traits and perks
  • Perma-death is real: if your character dies you have to create a new one
  • Random generated dungeons: 50+ hours gameplay and lot of secrets hidden
  • 60 spells available, items, power-up for your character
  • Crafting system to create and upgrade your weapons or medicines
  • Turn-based combats