The Day Online officially on Steam Early Access

Reloaded Studios (CEO Ki-Yong Cho) announced that action MOBA game ‘The Day Online’, developed by Reloaded Studios, is officially available on Steam Early Access (Windows PC).

The Day Online allows players jumping right into the action by minimizing building and farming hassles during the early game period. The game also features casting skills without mana for speedy gameplay experience. While players are encountering endless small & large-scale battles, each battle will be very close because every player is targeting for last-hit.

Three unique battlefields such as Downtown, Resources Battlefield, Deathmatch have installments that could change the game. Therefore, it is important having both excellent individual skills as well as good teamwork and instant decision making to achieve victory. The gameplay video shows unique battle scenes at each battlefield.

You can download the game through The Day Online Store page at Steam:

About The Day Online
The Day Online, developed by Reloaded Studios, is TPS MOBA game for Windows® PC platform. The game is using top notch CryEngine 3 from Crytek in Germany. The game features skill based fast actions by drastically changing the loose play sections of existing MOBA games and provides endless battles to provide best excitement to all players.