Thief Simulator VR, be a real neighborhood thief in trailer

GameBoom VR announced the release date of its new game. Thief Simulator VR will debut in Early Access on Steam (Windows) on November 12, 2019. The game will be available for $15.

Thief Simulator VR is a game developed by the Polish studio GameBoom VR. The developers’ goal was to port the entire Thief Simulator game to virtual reality headsets. The result of the work is a big VR game, which is characterized by:

  • fully-immersive realistic mechanics in VR. Feel how it is to lock pick doors, smash everything in a house, steal cars, jump through windows and hide in a trash
  • follow a plot and pay off a debt to a mysterious family or choose by yourself which house you will rob next in this free roam sandbox world
  • disassembly stolen cars, hack phones and tablets in your hideout; and sell all goods in a pawn shop or by online
  • buy new thief tools and gadgets that will allow you to rob richer people
  • drive cars with fully implemented VR-adapted driving model and play with a car interior