Tidal Tribe, God game on windows PC

The relaxing god game about terraforming, water and farming is now available on Steam (Widows PC) and the Humble Store (Windows PC). Developer Sepia Rain also released the launch trailer for the game that gives players the power to shape the terrain in a world that’s constantly hit by waves. Protect your villages from floods and destruction, all while using that very same water to bring life to the beach by building lakes and rivers, that turn the desert land into a lush forest of trees and bushes.

“I’ve always liked building sandcastles and dams and watch them (and myself) struggle against the power of water”, says Pit Gennari, who made the game entirely by himself over the past five years. “Trying to catch that experience in a game then somewhat evolved into something that’s also about… farming. With different types of trees, that all have different growing conditions. For which you need to provide the right terrain. And NPCs running around, collecting the fruits from those trees. Although you can also help them do that. Oh, and there’s a full-fledged story mode about four kids going on adventures while trying to understand the world of adults.”

This Campaign, with its several main missions, side missions, parkour maps (that incorporate the terraforming), minigames, treasure maps and photo quests, does not only allow players to shape the terrain, but depending on how they do it, also steers the story in a different direction.