Total War: Warhammer II, The Hunter & The Beast DLC

New Legendary Lords for Empire and Lizardmen plus free new content for all players

Across the jungles of the New World Huntsmarshal Markus Wulfhart expands the borders of the Empire, desecrating and sacking temples dedicated to the Lizardmen gods. But death comes in a myriad of guises in these most ancient lands and none are more stalwart in its defense than Nakai the Wanderer. Awoken from a centuries long slumber, he will seek out all those who threaten Lustria.

Out September 11th and playable in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, The Hunter & The Beast introduces two new Legendary Lords for the Empire and Lizardmen races, with unique faction and campaign mechanics, as well as a host of devastating battlefield units.

The Hunter & The Beast also introduces the largest ever playable Total War: WARHAMMER unit in the form of the Dread Saurian. When this absolute unit is let loose upon the battlefield, it wreaks terrible havoc upon the enemy with its fang-lined jaws and the divine blessings of the Old Ones. A host of other units will also be joining the carnage, including the elite Huntsmen, War Wagon, Kroxigor Ancients, and the Razordon Hunting Pack.

But that’s not all. The Hunter & The Beast will also usher in new free content for all owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II, including a ferocious yet-to-be-revealed Legendary Lord, and a highly anticipated update for the Old World – praise Sigmar!

Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Hunter & The Beast releases on September 11, 2019 and is available on Steam for the Windows PC.