Veritas, adventure puzzle game on Windows, Mac and mobile devices

Glitch Games launched their new adventure puzzle game, Veritas, on PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile.

Having signed on the dotted line of the mysterious Veritas Industries, you find yourself waking up in a small cell with no memory of what happened the day before. Equipped with only the Glitch Camera, you must uncover the truth of who you are, and what you’ve done. Scribble notes onto your snaps and use them freely at any time to help solve the strange puzzles that stand in your way.

Creators of the hugely popular adventure mystery series Forever Lost, developer Glitch Games has designed Veritas as a spiritual successor designed to delight past Glitch Games players, as well as introduce the genre to new gamers looking for a new take on the adventure genre.

Graham Ranson, co-founder of Glitch Games said: “We really didn’t expect such a great community to form around Glitch Games during of our previous titles in the Forever Lost series. We really wanted to share our next game with PC players without alienating our amazing mobile supporters – hopefully that shows.

With the Forever Lost series, we explored the depths someone could go to to save the one they love. With Veritas we wanted to explore the depths someone would go to to save themselves.

It’s been a whirlwind experience creating Vertias, and we’re looking forward to hearing the community’s response. Since starting work on Veritas we’ve both had children. We really need this game to sell. Babies are expensive.”

About Veritas

Veritas is a game of mystery and discovery from Glitch Games, creators of Forever Lost, that poses the question; what is truth, and does it even matter?

Having volunteered to take part in a study conducted by Veritas Industries, you now find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before.


  • Explore a dark and foreboding world full of lies and mysteries. You’ll need to explore the entire facility to work out what happened and how you can escape.
  • Take photos of everything you find using the Glitch Camera. Be they posters, clues, walls, or disturbing blood stains – and use them later to help solve puzzles and piece together the mystery.
  • Solve lots of puzzles, ranging from inventory based item puzzles all the way to pun-based conundrums. All intricately designed to move the story along, you’ll find no pointless filler here – just regular purpose made filler.
  • Be entranced by the beautiful soundtrack composed by Richard J. Moir. It’s so good you won’t mind listening to it, on repeat, forever, while you’re trapped.
  • Use the Glitch Camera to…
  • Take photos of everything you find. Be it posters, clues, walls, or disturbing blood stains.
  • Write notes on them like a real detective. Use less paper, kill fewer trees, save the planet!
  • Use your notes to solve puzzles. Pop multiple photos out so that you can look at them at the same time.

Veritas is available on Steam (Windows, Mac), iOS and Android.