Vostok Inc. – PS4 Launch Trailer

Vostok Inc. – PS4 Launch Trailer

Welcome to Vostok Inc.
The Wolf of Wall Street in Space….with lasers!

You play as a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, out to make as much money as possible.

Build your empire, upgrade weapons, defeat insane enemies and collect enough moolah to become the richest badass in the whole galaxy!

Welcome to Vostok Inc.
The Wolf of Wall Street in Space.

You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to get filthy, stinking, rich!

First you’ll need to raise some start-up capital by twin-stick blasting enemies, asteroids and anything else that gets in your way. Once you’ve collected enough moolah it’s time to land on planets and start mining, terraforming and colonising.

Use that extra moolah to upgrade your ship, craft weapons and build more planetside business enterprises to rake make even more moolah!

With your pockets overflowing, you’ll be able to expand beyond our solar system, across more than 40 planets, recruiting managers, playing awesome retro inspired mini-games, fighting evil bosses and listening to a thumping customizable synth soundtrack along the way, all the while letting the (you guessed it!) MOOOLAHHH!!!..roll in.

Vostok Inc. … Live rich and be prosperous!

 Explore and exploit more than 40 planets over 6 solar systems.
 Land on any planet, begin extracting resources to build up your Moolah production.
 Over 500 objectives to keep you entertained.
 Craft and upgrade an arsenal of 19 diverse weapons, from lasers and missiles to gravity guns and trip mines.
 Purchase and upgrade a huge array of ship augmentations including the ability to slow time.
 Collect loot from fallen enemies, bosses or environmental hazards.
 Find and recruit managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy, and keep them happy to boost planetside production.
 Play 13 minigames within a virtual pet type system.
 Enjoy an adaptive audio system, with music that constantly evolves as you play!