WarpThrough, a fast paced platformer with interesting gameplay trailer

After one and a half years of working on it, Roofkat will be releasing their debut title WarpThrough on Steam for Windows this December 10th .

“As the solo developer of this game, I’m sure you’ll understand I am both thrilled and terrified at the same time!”

WarpThrough is a fast action-platformer with unique arcade-inspired gameplay and an interesting twist to combat: You have to stop moving before you can attack. As you jump from portal to portal, warping through different dimensions, you will have to find a balance between keeping the ever-appearing monsters in check and getting to that next portal. How many dimensions can you survive?

Gameplay is WarpThrough’s core, but it’s cast of characters are not just there for show!
In the story mode you’ll get to know Charlotte, the hot-headed teen able to take out monsters with fiery punches, as well as her dad Manor, a scientist creating Warpholes and leaving electrical traps to fend off enemies.

Along with them are Three, an excited friend of Charlotte who’s laser gun could be really useful in battle, if only he knew how to aim, and Ebbie, who comes along as her dog is eager to go for a walk in alternate dimensions.

In this short story mode you’ll get to unlock new levels, discover how to play with all of the characters, and try putting a stop to the monsters that invaded your home!

It’s been an adventure creating WarpThrough by myself throughout the last years, and I’m extremely proud of how everything has come together so far. I can’t wait to see what people think of WarpThrough’s unique gameplay!” says Ramon Huiskamp, founder of Roofkat.

WarpThrough launches on Windows PC via Steam on December 10th, with more platforms following later.