World of Tanks, new console version expansion for Xbox One And PS4

Award-winning online game developer and publisher Wargaming is gearing up to bring even more adventure and heroic moments to its massively multiplayer tank battle game World of Tanks on Consoles. What if a single moment could change the course of history? Today’s release of an additional set of three free single-player and co-operative online multiplayer missions — available exclusively for World of Tanks: War Stories on console — may answer that question. Join 14 million players worldwide and pilot some of the mightiest beasts of 20th Century armored warfare, treading the battlefield as unique heroes from across the globe in this exciting story-driven content expansion, available exclusively for World of Tanks: War Stories on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

Enjoy the latest expansion to the highly successful free-to-play World of Tanks: War Stories, known collectively as the Spoils of War trilogy. Set in 1948, It features three new stories set against the backdrop of an alternate history where World War II never ended and the world grows desperate and weary after years of endless fighting. In these new War Stories, players will be thrust into action on three different fronts to fight as American, Soviet and German heroes. Contrary to previous adventures, Spoils of War sees the playable characters acting on their conscience and moral obligations, even if this goes against their direct orders.

Chapter #1 – “Sieben Ritter”: a small town on the German-Polish border hopes to survive in the crossfire for long enough to surrender to the Allies, but an incoming Soviet force may extinguish any remaining hope. Will Captain Karl Staupe and his Sieben Ritter refuse to answer the call to make a final stand in Berlin, and instead stay and fight to save the otherwise doomed town? This chapter takes inspiration from the legendary 1952 Japanese film Seven Samurai, which sees a band of rōnin — samurai without a lord or master — fend off a gang of bandits that seek to ravish a defenseless farming town.

Chapter #2 – “The Connoisseur”: Sergeant Frank Martinez is tasked by the Allies with destroying a cache of stolen art and priceless treasures. However, a band of German soldiers has also set their sights on the treasure and taken it for themselves. Sergeant Martinez gives chase, but can he succeed in recovering some of the world’s most sought-after treasures before they’re lost to the pages of history? “Kunstschutz” was the German practice of preserving art during times of conflict. The Allies saw this as looting. Not surprisingly, this was a major point of contention during and after the war.

Final Chapter – “Potemkin”: The thrilling third act of the Spoils of War trilogy is set in a town on the German front lines, where a Soviet artillery commander has been selling food on the black market to keep his people from starving. Soviet high command has discovered the dealings and scrambled an armored NKVD unit to restore order and bring justice. Captain Anatoly Petrov, risking capture and punishment for defying his superiors, decides to rebel against Soviet high command and fight back. This chapter takes its name from the 1925 silent film Battleship Potemkin, which tells the story of the rebellious crew of a Russian battleship.

The three new Spoils of War chapters join five other adventures in the World of Tanks: War Stories universe that are exclusively available for World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. They combine to form a gripping collection of story-driven content that can be enjoyed solo or cooperatively and provide more than fifteen hours of nail-biting playable narrative. Enjoyable by World of Tanks veterans and alternate history buffs alike, War Stories also serves as excellent combat skills primer for new players prior to entering the often merciless fray of PvP combat.

Each War Stories campaign explores a different concept or setting, ranging from alternate history operations to fantasy stories — each are available free of charge. “Operation Sealion” presented an all-out invasion of London by Axis forces. “Kennedy’s War” saw a Cold War turn hot and followed the ensuing struggle to prevent a nuclear holocaust. The most recently released chapter, “Runaway Tiger,” starred War Stories’ first female protagonist, a French resistance fighter who infiltrated a German stronghold in Egypt to steal one of their newest and most terrifying weapons.

The single-player and co-operative online missions of World of Tanks: War Stories act as an immersive and intuitive introduction to the beating heart of World of Tanks, the game’s famously captivating and highly-tactical online 15-vs-15 competitive PvP battle mode. Since its first release back in 2014, the game has expanded from 100 tanks, three nations and only 12 available maps to include over 660 tanks from nine different nations, which battle it out on over 90 unique maps in 2018. To date, over 14 million players have joined the game, firing over 10 billion shells, destroying over 570 million tanks, and waging war across over 34 million epic battles.

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