Worse Than Death, adventure game on Switch, PS4, Xbox One & Windows

Thrilling new adventure game Worse Than Death launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Windows PC version is on Steam and the Humble Store.

Worse Than Death is a scary, action-adventure horror game about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong, and it’s the perfect new title for Halloween. It combines tense, action-adventure gameplay, challenging puzzles and a page-turning story from horror veterans Benjamin Rivers Inc.

Main Features

  • Action-adventure gameplay that sees you crawling under objects, vaulting over obstacles, and racing for the nearest hiding spot to stay safe
  • Beautifully-drawn, challenging puzzles
  • Horrible monsters that you can’t see — but that you can track using lights, sound, and even Holly’s own heartbeat
  • Rich, 3D positional audio that will get under your skin
  • Three difficulty modes (Normal, Hard and Nightmare) to test your mettle
  • Full gameplay support for both keyboard/mouse and gamepads (Xbox 360/Xbox One, DualShock®4, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller)