Wrongworld adds craftable player housing & giant hamster mount

Wrongworld, the surreal survival game from Sludj Games, adds craftable player housing, a giant tameable hamster mount, and plenty more general wrongness as it continues to creep through early access.

Scholars have always believed that mankind’s decision to abandon flimsy animal-skin tents and instead begin crafting permanent, sturdy housing must have been a result of advances in the field of agriculture. This, however, is wrong. Following extensive scientific research carried out by Sludj Games, the true reason for housing has finally been revealed: Being attacked in the dead of night by giant slugs that suddenly spring from the ground is bad for your health, and floors and walls help significantly to defend against such naughtiness.

With this important discovery fresh in mind, Sludj Games swiftly implemented a modular housing system into Wrongworld, allowing players to craft a place to call their own.

However, houses require building materials, building materials require gathering expeditions, and gathering expeditions require movement, all of which lead to a lot of walking around and the inevitable achy feet and legs for our loveable central character. But no longer…

Somewhere out in the world lurks a tameable trusty steed*, just waiting to be found and convinced to join your team.

*Actually, that’s not strictly true; the word “steed” specifically refers to a horse, and horses do not exist in Wrongworld. Instead, it’s more like a giant hamster, but it’s kind of like a horse, only more squeaky and better at climbing.

Wrongworld: Now with added housing and hamsters!

About Wrongworld
Wrongworld is a surreal survival game set on a low poly world filled with freakish inhabitants.

You play as a furry little space critter with a bit of a knack for whomping mutants. Crash-landed on a strange and unfamiliar planet, you must decide whether to attempt to rebuild your ship and head home or try to make a new life for yourself. Either way, you’ll be exploring, gathering, crafting, discovering, whomping and juggling a powerful need to eat.

Offering both Permadeath and Non-Permadeath modes, players of all skill levels should (hopefully) find something to enjoy, assuming they don’t mind excessive levels of silliness.

Platform: Windows PC (Mac and Linux to follow ASAP)

Want to track the game’s progress as it creeps ever closer to leaving early access? Follow it on Steam and get notified about any announcements: http://store.steampowered.com/app/664750/Wrongworld/