Wuppo, ‘Definitive Edition’ for Windows PC Available September 5th

The quirky adventure game Wuppo gets a Definitive Edition on Steam (Windows PC). This improved version releases on September 5th. Players who already own the game will automatically get the Definitive Edition as an update. Wuppo currently has 95% positive reviews on Steam and was the number one most-loved, hidden gem according to an article by PCgamer. The fun game lets players take on the role of a Wum looking for a new home, embarking on a bizarre journey through a charming world full of weird creatures, puzzles, bosses and political chaos.

An even more wondrous world
The definitive edition has received significant improvements and extra features that make for a more adventurous journey through an even more charming world. The game has a complete new co-op mode and extra bosses. Furthermore, the definitive edition received various audio-visual improvements. New quests have been added, as well as new tools to help players explore the vibrant world. The game also got numerous tweaks and assets that strongly improve the overall gaming experience of Wuppo.

The hidden gem of Steam 
Since its original release, the adventure game has been very positively received. With over 95% positive reviews, PCgamer also quoted Wuppo as ‘the most overlooked “hidden gem” on Steam’. The game has also been nominated for the Best Game and Best Narrative 2017 awards by BIG festival, the Best Game Design and Gamekings (audience choice) 2017 awards by Dutch Game Awards and the Best Art, Best Audio and Best Game Design 2017 awards by BIC fest. Wuppo is one of those games that needs to be discovered.