X-Morph: Defense ‘European Assault’ DLC available

EXOR Studios announced “European Assault” – the first premium piece of downloadable content for its destructive tower-defense shooter X-Morph: Defense – is available for purchase on Steam (Windows PC), Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

All X-Morph: Defense players will receive a huge free update that introduces a brand new and highly-requested Survival mode to the game. Coupled with the “European Assault” DLC, this update doubles the amount of gameplay content available.

“European Assault” features a brand new, high-impact, story-driven mini campaign that takes place in parallel to the events of the main game. As the invading X-Morph, players will face-off against the formidable General Duncan Clarke in Finland and Holland before an explosive showdown at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The new content will challenge both new and veteran X-Morph players as General Clarke employs new advanced tactics and weaponry in the field – including an orbital Frostbite Cannon and the European Massive Assault Vehicle he calls the Rhinocharger – in a bid to quash the alien threat.

Survival Mode features 10 intense new levels of endless gameplay, delivering tons of replay value, while a new leaderboard system encourages fierce competition. With a focus on rapid-fire decision making, players must adapt quickly to the destructible environment in a bid to defend their cores against a never-ending onslaught of incoming enemies.

EXOR Studios is partnering with eastasiasoft to release a physical Limited Edition of X-Morph: Defense exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The Limited Edition includes the full game, “European Assault” DLC, an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack CD, exclusive numbered certificate, and a printed manual. Additionally, all owners of the Limited Edition version will receive all future content updates completely free of charge.

X-Morph: Defense is a twin-stick shooter, tower defense hybrid featuring unprecedented destruction across fully dynamic environments, and provides a never-before-seen level of tower defense freedom. It is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. The Steam version (Windows PC) of the game also features integrated Steam Workshop support and a variety of community-made levels.