Zeus Begins, 16-bit Style Beat’em Up for Windows PC

One-man independent development studio The Dude Games release Zeus Begins on Steam for Windows.

Zeus Begins is a 16-bit style beat’em up arcade game set in ancient Greece, inspired by classic arcade games of the 80´s such as Double Dragon and Golden Axe.

Zeus Begins is a classic brawler in which you can kick the butts of titans and gods alike”, says Javier Vázquez, solo game developer at The Dude Games. “It certainly brings back memories of the golden age of video games”.

Zeus Begins features pixel-art graphics, MIDI music, final bosses, and shoot’em up bonus levels. It also introduces many references to movies, anime and other titles.


  • Classic and addictive gameplay
  • 16 bits graphics
  • Retro, arcade, beat´em up, 100% authentic
  • Final bosses
  • Shoot´m up bonus levels
  • Different enemies for each level