2Dark Art Deepens the Horror Developer Diary (Video)

2Dark Art Deepens the Horror Developer Diary Video

2Dark offers a unique visual ambiance and sound design that are integral to the game experience. Sound is such an essential part of the game, it is represented visually. In the second Dev Diary, art director, Yaël Barroz and music composer and sound designer, Samuel Safa, gives us an insight into their creative process for 2Dark – a process which led Samuel Safa to consider 2Dark’s ambiance as a sort of “insane lullaby.”

The new masterpiece from survival-horror genre pioneer and creator of Alone in the Dark, Frédérick Raynal, 2Dark is an eerie descent into hell where survival counts on your intelligence, caution and your .38 revolver. Be bold and cunning in your investigation into the lairs of psychopathic killers. Untangle the threads of a mystery, madness and horror, penetrate the dark secrets of the cursed town of Gloomywood …and above all, save the children!