Argonus and the Gods of Stone, first-person adventure on Windows

Independent developer Zojoi, creator of the classic hit Shadowgate, announced that its latest Windows PC title Argonus and the Gods of Stone is available to buy on Steam and the Humble Store. This new first-person adventure takes players on an epic journey, inspired by the stop motion work of Ray Harryhausen and the Greek mythology movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Fusing 21st-century visuals and game mechanics into an epic Hellenic poem, Zojoi has created a dreamlike experience that’s filled with ancient gods, vengeful gorgons and sword-wielding skeletons.

After the legendary ship, Argo is wrecked on unfamiliar shores, the game’s hero Argonus must set about uncovering the fate of his comrades, the fabled Argonauts, and find a way to escape the blight that stalks this uncharted isle. Aided by the goddess Athena, Argonus embarks on an epic journey in which he comes face-to-face with fabled creatures, solves fantastic challenges and forges alliances with fickle gods. Only by solving the mysteries of this accursed isle can Argonus eventually find his way home.

Zojoi is releasing both the standard game, a special Argonautica DLC package and the Olympus Edition which combines the two. The Argonautica package includes these exclusive downloads: an immersive walk-through audiobook narrated by Betsy Brantley (The Princess Bride, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), the game’s score by composer Rich Douglas (Shadowgate, Day of Infamy, Stranger Things: The Game) and a digital compendium of the game’s concept art from illustrator Nabetse Zitro.

Key Features:

  • A beautifully-rendered 3D Greek island filled with gods and monsters

  • Ancient mysteries and intriguing in-world puzzles

  • A thrilling mythological story, narrated by Betsy Brantley

  • A dynamic soundtrack and sound design by composer Rich Douglas

  • A streamlined command & inventory system

  • 20 Steam achievements to be unlocked during the adventure