ARK: Survival Evolved, ‘Fear Evolved 3’ event seems spookily familiar

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, creating a chaotic world teeming with spooky surprises to scare and thrill all Survivors. The ARK: Fear Evolved 3 in-game event is on its way down your street, delivering candy corn themed supply drops and randomly spawning gravestones and pumpkin patches. From October 22nd to November 5th, the community’s most requested event will be active for ARK Survivors on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux).

The ghoulish graves and skeletal dinos have returned, but fear not! There are new items to collect, cool skin costumes to try out and a Blood Moon casting a pale shadow over it all. The ARK Fear Evolved 3 event features increased rates to 2X Player XP, 2X Harvesting and 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation), as well as:

  • New cosmetic items: Jack O’ Lantern Mask, Hockey Mask, Headless Neck Stump, Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy and event-themed undergarments (tops and bottoms)
  • New emotes: Panic, Spooky Dance and Zombie
  • Event-themed wild dinosaur spawns
  • Randomly spawning gravestones, scarecrows and pumpkin patches
  • A candy corn-themed supply drop brings an abundance of useful Halloween treats for players, surprises like berries, cooked meats, heal brews, veggie cakes, consumable buffing soups, dino Halloween candy and dino skins from past Halloween events.
  • The environment and trees to be Halloween themed