Feral Blue, civilization exists on islands and in floating cities

Snowbird Games, the studio behind Eador series, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword and Blood & Gold, announced their new game — Feral Blue — is available on Steam as an Early Access Windows title:

Today is the day when the so-called Second Flood will happen on Earth. People of good will perish, and the remaining sinners will have to suffer in a world where soil is more valuable than diamonds.

At least this is how the members of the St. John Order see things unfolding. There are other factions in Feral Blue – the Chinese New Ming dynasty, the Japanese Mori Shogunate, anarchist pirates from the People’s Republic – who look at the world more optimistically.

Today you can choose on which ship to sail in this endless sea. This is the very beginning of a very long journey, which is why we’re releasing into Early Access. Together we’ll finish building cities, sort out the economic system, improve the combat, create convoys with timber, clean water and slaves. A lot of important work. And if you are not afraid of this – please welcome aboard!

About Feral Blue

In the sunken world of Feral Blue, civilization exists only on islands and in floating cities, while the strange ships of sea nomads are sailing across the endless oceans. You will start as a ship captain with your own crew. Explore the world and fight for treasure. Chests full of gold have no use anymore. Food, water, soil, wood and people are the most valuable resources now. In some cases, people can also become food – the decision is yours. Make sure your crew has no reason to rebel against you. Keep your galley, infirmary and distiller on the ship working properly at all times. Do not be afraid of engineering experiments: choose between steam energy, sails and oars – or use all of those at the same time. Fight and trade with other captains. Sell your flimsy sailboat and buy a giant dreadnought. Capture enemy cities or build your own. Become the leader of a naval state. Whether it be an advanced empire of science and technology or, maybe, an insane kingdom of anarchist cannibals. However you choose, Feral Blue allows for an interesting story, unique for each player.