ArtPulse, VR music-art game available on Windows PCs

Following their first entry to VR games with “Cave Digger”, VRKiwi studio has released its second title “ArtPulse” on Windows PC. ArtPulse is a digital mix of painting and music creation in which players spawn shapes or paint free-handedly and hear how it all comes together into a song. With various shapes and colors, each combination resulting in a different sound, players can chill in unique audiovisual thrills. The main goal is just to have fun and relax while creating a new experience.

The sandbox environment resembles the space and has a mesh-shaped floor as a lower boundary. The color of the floor changes according to the chosen shape color. There’s no upper boundary. Shapes have animations, for example, players can spawn a black hole and then spawn stars that begin to orbit around the black hole. Players can choose one of the six background songs at the time of the release. Spawned shapes sync automatically to the chosen background song, ensuring harmony. With the six base songs, six types of shapes, some with subtypes, plus freehand drawing, a complete color wheel and endless space, the only limit is your imagination!

ArtPulse comes with three modes, a standard time-limited mode where drawn shapes fade over time, an endless mode where there’s no time limits and shape fading, and a cinematic mode, where the player can sit back and enjoy a computer-generated round. Additionally, the time-limited and endless modes can be played with easy mode, which makes the game more approachable to newcomers.

Key features

Six base songs at the release to create a soundscape on
A toolkit full of unique visuals and sound effects
A color wheel to select different tunes
Customizable cinematic, endless and time-limited modes
Free flying movement