Atomicrops, Bullet hell farming sim gets ‘Ghosts ‘n Gourds’ update

Atomicrops: Ghosts ‘n Gourds update is filled to the brim with tasty new content, as well as updates across the board to the existing content. Experienced players can also undertake a brand new challenge with the introduction of Year 2. Atomicrops is available for Windows (Early Access) at the Epic Game Store.

Atomicrops is the chaotic marriage of bullet hell roguelite and farming simulator created by Bird Bath Games and published by Raw Fury.

Also… Halloween is upon us!

New playable character: Rye

Rye is a new playable character with a heavy focus on combat. He’s a mechanic who comes equipped with some pretty nifty bonuses.
His weapons last for full days, rather than breaking after only one.
He also comes equipped with a Turret at the start of the game, granting you some extra defense against those pesky enemies.

New Love Interest: Norman
(Norman is human. We promise.)

If you bug Norman with enough roses, he may just agree to put a ring on it. This flying fellow boasts some pretty valuable abilities.

  • Slows enemies with a special slime attack
  • Converts low tier seeds in to higher tier

Norman will be available alongside Rue and Borage in town.

Lavender is now a Beekeeper!

Lavender has taken up the profession of a Beekeeper and features a few appropriately awesome farming bonuses.

  • Her crops grow 20% quicker
  • She starts the game with two Bees, which will speed up the growth of individual crops even further

Spoooooky Decorations

From ghosts in the menu to scarecrows in the field, Ghosts ‘n Gourds is packed with goodies that’ll make you scream.

  • Scarecrows are an alternative type of turret which block bullets and push enemies away.
  • Pumpkins are a new rare & valuable crop that explode for damage when harvested.

What year is it?!

It’s year 2, and you are not prepared. Unless you’re Theboss10987 from the Discord channel. We actually think he might be prepared.
Year 2 introduces an increased challenge across the board, and features a brand new type of enemy. Let weeds grow too long and you’ll come to regret your life choices

U is for Upgrades

Get ready to Zap, Poison, Splash (damage) and Orb (this is a verb, we promise) your enemies with a slew of new weapon upgrades. Have a look through the GIFs above for some teasers. These will definitely come in handy when exploring past broken bridges.

Now that your weapons are upgraded, get ready to improve your farming skills too!

Ghosts ‘n Gourds introduces three brand new upgrades to the mix:
Trophallaxis: Bees water crops
Duct Tape: Guns last an extra day
Participation Trophy: Crops don’t require fertilizer to become large