Battle Sorcerers, a VR online action game featuring magicians’ war

G1 Playground Co.,Ltd. released Battle Sorcerers, a VR online action game featuring magicians’ war, on Steam.

‘Battle Sorcerers’ is a PvP game where a gamer becomes a magician to compete against other magicians with magic in the virtual reality space. Game players must combine 3 elements handled by magicians to defeat their opponents by engaging in strategic battles in a war.

There exist 2 classes, and each magician has different magical elements and methods of combination, so it requires ability to react quickly to opponents’ strategies. In order to emerge as the ultimate winner, research is required, but it can be easily enjoyed by anyone as it is characterized by convenient manipulation requiring only one button and intuitive gaming.

As it belongs to a PvP war game genre that is not frequently found in VR, it is expected to be much hailed by VR games thirst for diversified games.

Sang-bin Han, CEO of G1 Playground Co.,Ltd., a developer of ‘Battle Sorcerers,’ said that the company decided to design a new unprecedented war game in order to resolve the ‘sickness’ considered to be the biggest problem in VR games and that it is expected to meet players’ expectations as it enables players to have convenient game experiences and enjoy diversified magic and colorful graphics.

Battle Sorcerers supports Value Index ,HTV Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets.